August 12, 2017





After stockpiling drawings for a couple years, I’ve finally gotten around to compiling the next volume of Night Songs. A selection from an ongoing series exploring the visual language of iconography and archetypes, inspired by traditional tattoo flash, Vol. 2 features 38 pages of drawings from 2015-2017 printed in full color.

While there is no single narrative thread running through the work, recurring themes of loss, betrayal, struggle, and redemption present themselves, inviting the viewer to connect the dots and create their own storyline. Depictions of mythical beasts and mental landscapes exist alongside enigmatic relics and veiled social commentary, tracing lines of complexity and contradiction.

Night Songs Vol. 2 will be available for pre-order starting Monday, August 14. Two options are available: $15 Pre-Order includes a sticker pack and a 4″x6″ screenprint, the $20 Deluxe Package includes stickers, screenprint, and a limited edition 24 oz. Koozie. Get yours here >

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