April 16, 2019


Most of last month was spent in the studio, preparing this large commission piece for a client in my home state.  Drawing inspiration from key local features, the mural depicts the natural life of the area and references unique aspects of New Mexico’s history.

Coyotes and jackrabbits are common, perfectly suited to the dry climate and the earthy tones of the landscape. The sandhill crane flies south from breeding grounds in Canada, Alaska, and Siberia to winter in the wetlands surrounding the Rio Grande, their presence an elegant signal of the transition of the seasons. The abstracted landscape references tangible and conceptual elements of local history and geography, including the dynamic flash floods of the monsoon season and the importance of the Santa Fe Railroad and later, Route 66.

This was a really enjoyable project that honestly left me feeling a little homesick. Done on four panels for a total size of 192″x72″, it’s a big one. See the details in the Installations section.

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