March 23, 2017


Amongst a heap of murals, commissions, and design work, last year marked the completion of the biggest indoor project I’ve ever done – these panels are 12 feet tall and are constructed from the same rough cut pine boards that were used to form the concrete walls of their location, creating a tangible connection between materials and place.

The panels are installed in a beautiful Tom Kundig designed house located in Saratoga, CA. The home combines subtle elements of Japanese architecture with really thoughtful details to create a very livable and visually striking environment, frankly I couldn’t have asked for a better setting in which to work.

I’d like to extend a huge thanks to Monty and his wonderful family for this opportunity, thank you to Ryan and everyone else at Faultline Artspace for putting up with these giants for months, and a big thank you to Shawn HibmaCronan, Mario, Julio, BJ, Jack, and Gustavo and his crew – I couldn’t have done it without you guys.

January 28, 2016


Now on display at Faultline Artspace in Oakland, the latest installment of Hands & Pants. The brainchild of Oakland art O.G. John Casey, Hands & Pants is a broad collaborative venture, employing 100+ of John’s artist peers in a unique artistic exchange. An invited artist was given the hands and/or pants and asked to complete the figure in any way the artist saw fit, with the intent to create a collective storyboard using this motif. However, the returned collaborations have gone far beyond John’s expectations in sheer artistic variety, producing an extended family of unique, individual beings. Here’s my contribution, there’s another 130 amazing artworks on display. Come see the whole crew during Faultline gallery hours, the show runs through the end of February.

January 28, 2016


Once again, it’s time to make space for a new year and new projects – help me clean out my studio and get great discounts on original work. Take home this 12″x12″ for just $180, reduced from $250, this one and all my other available work is in my store, ready to ship! Local Bay Area pickup is also available, follow the link for details.

January 28, 2016


Working on getting some new merchandise in my store, including button packs and a handful of smaller originals, prints, and laser cut items – check out what’s currently available right here. Stay tuned for more, I’ve got some exciting collaborations coming up this year as well!

November 24, 2015





After getting some really positive feedback on the smaller flash sheets I did last year, I decided to do a series of 4 full size sheets. Inspired by traditional tattoo iconography and drawing from my own library of symbolism, they are a collection of designs from the past two years, refreshed and refined. Number 4 is sold, but the other three are currently available in my online store. These will likely go fast, so if you’re interested in taking one home don’t hesitate!

November 24, 2015


Very excited to share these with you. Thanks to the awesome crew at Faultline Artspace, my Magpie Study from earlier this year is now available as an 8″x10″ print, in two limited editions of 50, on French 100# cover paper, and on Faultline’s signature maple ply panels. Get yours here.

November 24, 2015


Long overdue update, here’s some shots from my most recent mural project in Downtown Oakland. Big thanks to Athen B Gallery and Weinstein Local for putting this together, check it out in person on the west side of Franklin St., between 14th and 15th, or online at

July 15, 2015





Thank you to everyone who came out for preview and reception for Ballad of the Broken Body, the response was so positive and I feel really lucky to have such a great audience for my work. Special thanks to Betti Ono and their awesome team for all their hard work. Also, a big thank you to Nastia Voynovskaya for the great feature about the show in the East Bay Express, check it out here if you missed it.

This Saturday we’re hosting an artist talk from 2-3pm, with a Q&A and refreshments until 5pm, plus a limited print release from Illustrated Antics. Visit my Tumblr for photos of the whole show, but if you live in the Bay Area, get to Betti Ono before July 25 to see it in person!

June 29, 2015


Coming into the final stretch of preparations for Ballad of the Broken Body at Betti Ono Gallery. The show opens this Friday, July 3, during Oakland’s Art Murmur, with a reception from 6-9pm with refreshments and music provided by my good friend OBSTAC. The night before we’ll be hosting a press and collector’s preview immediately following Athen B Gallery’s first of a series of talks geared toward engaging artists and local businesses. Come have a cocktail this Thursday and get a special preview of the show before the First Friday crowds descend on us. This is a great chance to purchase work if you’re interested in taking something home – I’ll have a range of affordable work as well as some larger pieces for more sizable budgets. Hope to see you there!

June 29, 2015


Opening this month at Betti Ono Gallery in Downtown Oakland, Ballad of the Broken Body is a collection of figurative paintings that aim to unravel personal trauma, both physical and psychological. This will be my largest solo show to date in the Bay Area, and tackles a very personal subject – a severe bike accident I experienced in October of 2011. Check out more information about the show below. Hope to see you there!

In October 2011, three weeks after I moved to Oakland, a drunk driver struck me while I was I was riding my bike, then immediately drove away. To this day, I cannot recollect the crash, or the moments leading up to it, leaving the actual event in the void of my subconscious. I can only recall the shockingly bright light of the emergency room at Highland Hospital, as I awoke to multiple rib fractures, a broken hip, shattered shoulder, and a severe concussion.

Overwhelmed by the violence of my injuries, the impact on the physical structure of my body created psychological reverberations of corresponding violence. From my hospital bed, I observed the chaos accompanying the police crackdown and subsequent protests during the ongoing Occupy demonstrations at the time. So close, yet seemingly light years away, the political violence provided a surreal backdrop for my personal struggle — grappling with the sudden sense of helplessness that accompanies the loss of physical ability. Deeply afraid that my capacity to paint and draw had been jeopardized by my shoulder injury, I became entangled in negative, vindictive energy, drifting in and out of consciousness in an opiate haze. Forced to confront manifestations of this energy, I found myself with a choice – to continue to immerse myself in the darkest aspects of the experience, or to channel the emotional and physical pain into a transformative healing process.

This experience of deep bodily trauma and liminal psychological states serve as the impetus behind Ballad of the Broken Body. Building on my continued interest in visualizing memory as the underlying strata of our psyche, this collection of work draws directly from personal history and perspectives. Swirling clouds envelope battered figures, uprooted by affliction and injury. Much like the scars that mark my body, the lines and shapes that move across these figures trace a harrowing emotional landscape. Faced with the choice to hate, to heal, or to slowly waste away, these characters embody the crossroads we all face when confronting tragedy and misfortune.